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    Minimi Inch Loss Wrap

    Minimi Wrap

    Inch loss Body Contouring Wrap

    MiniMi oil is delivered transdermal through lipolyosis. the specific ingredients target fat cells and bursts them letting your body rid up to 72 hrs after treatment

    – Targets fat reduction in specific problem areas

    – Targets Fat cells , not liquid loss

    – Results seen in a hour

    – Continues working up to 72 hrs after

    – Tightens, firms and nourishes skin

    – Reduces the appearance of cellulite


    Course of 3 to 6 is recommended combined with a healthy diet and plenty of water for permanent fat loss.


    1 Wrap - €75.00

    Course of Three - €2000

    Course if 6 - €380

    Minimi Testimonals

    Vogue Williams

    Vogue Williams “I have never really believed that those sort of things worked but I thought I’d give it a go and if anything my skin would be soft from the oils they used!

    “When it was finished my skin was so smooth but the most amazing thing was that I’d actually lost inches, I couldn’t believe it, I sat on my ass for almost an hour and lost weight, delighted with life!”



    1 Wrap - €70.00

    Perfect a few day before a special occasion

    please allow ulp to two hrs for treatment

    Course of 3 €180.00

    Course of 6 €340

    For continued loss

    A course of these wraps is recommended for prolonged weight loss, recommended a few days apart.

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