Delighted to welcome you back.

    New Procedures

    Booking Appointments:

    Thank you for your patience

    Please bear with us as we contact our.

    Phone 091 564005

    PM us on Insta or FB to get an appointment.

    May take 24hrs to confirm appointments through social media channels.



    In Salon Procedure

    Please adhere to new guidelines

    • Please attend appointment alone.
    • Please wear a face mask.
    • Temperature will be recorded
    • A short form will be filled out for contact tracing
    • Please arrive for your appointment on time (our waiting area is limited so early arrivals may be asked to return)
    • Hand Sanitiser will be provided and must be used 
    • A reminder text will be sent out the day before you appointment, please confirm your appointment by replying 'yes' to guarantee your slot.
    • If you become unwell between the time of the text and you appointment i.e. sniffles, sore throat, cough etc. please contact us and do not attend your appointment. Please do not attend the salon if you are unwell. 


    We are so excited to announce that our wax room has been fitted with the revolutionary Blueair Air filtration system

    • This unique and state of the art system captures Air borne Viruses, bacteria and Kills germs..
    • It combines electrostatic and mechanical filtration technologies.
    • The proprietary HEPASilent technology actually kills germs. 
    • It leaves bacteria and viruses unviable and unable to reproduce. 


    Covid-19 Changes

    • Wax room has been Fitted with BLUE-AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM this unique and state of the art system captures Air borne Viruses, bacteria and Kills germs..
    • Room, Therapy bed, door handles etc will be sanitised between each client.
    • Usual procedure of cleaning and sanitising tools will be carried out.
    • Disposable salon essentials will be used where possible
    • Nail screens have been fitted
    • Sanitising sections will be provided.
    • We are not increasing our prices though if a face mask needs to be provided there will be a small charge.


Privacy Policy
All details will be kept private and not passed on to any third party.