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    Due to Covid-19 restrictions Facials will resume in August.

    Ilcsi Natural Skincare are made to age-old traditional recipes based on the healing power of herbs, fruits, vegetables, thermal water and honey. Ilcsi products are free from artificial colouring, parabenes, paraffin oil and synthetic ingredients. They are not tested on animals. They contain a high concentrate of active organic ingredients, smell wondorful and treat all types of skin conditions with astonishing results.


  • Ilsci Organic Facials


    Signature Facial €75.00

    Seven Herb with Softening Warm Parrafin

    With a unique blend of seven herbs this facial hydrates and smooths and feeds the skin. An anti-inflammatory exfoliation is followed by an electro-massage. This stimulates every organ in the body while drawing thermal creams deep into the dermal layer. Warm paraffin is applied over a nourishing Seven Herb Mask. 1hr15min

    Vitamin & Oxygen Facial €60.00

    Deep moisturising and vitamin enriched

    This facial is ideal for dehydrated skin, it helps delay the signs of aging and combined with a sulfuric exfoliation the skin is left silky smooth. 1 hr 15 min

    Calming Rose Facial €65.00

    Calming, moisturising, skin silkening, cleansing

    With Extraction, this facial is cleansing and calming. It also hydrates at the deepest level and the skin is left silky smooth after 1 hr 15 min

    Taster Ilcsi Facial .€35.00

    An introduction to the unique brand Ilcsi

    Tailor made to suit ones skin it combines cleanse,exfoliation and mask. 30 mins (no massage)

    Collagen EYE Treatment €45.00

    Add on to Facial for €25.00

    A must for fine lines, dark circles & tired Eyes

    Eyes are cleansed and toned. Collagen gels are delivered deep into the dermal layer through galvanic micro- current followed by a collagen eye mask.

  • Why I love ILCSI (il-she) Skincare

    Travelling as a chef and constantly being in different toxic environments I noticed my skin was deteriorating quickly, I was suffering from breakouts & oiliness teamed with dehydration. I had tried several products from the insanely expensive to medicated, nothing worked.
    On discovering Ilcsi Organic in Australia my life changed. This super natural Hungarian skincare is hand made in small batches on their Certified Organic farm. The products are full of active organic ingredients, gentle though effective on my skin. I had never experienced skincare like it, the scents, the textures, how easily they were absorbed transformed my skin a short time.
    I tried the Seven Herb facial to give my skin a head start with the programme. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. The electro-massage, softening creams and thermal water stimulated every organ and made the treatment twice as effective. This gave my whole body not just my skin a boost. I had truly fallen in love with a brand.
    This started me on the path to changing my career when I returned to Ireland. One thing was certain I would be stocking this brand in my new salon. I have been using Ilcsi for years and will never look back. Even the water in the products comes from a sub terrain thermal lake. This has trapped rare vitamins and minerals ehich enrich the products even more. They are also suitable for the most sensitive of skin.

    I am definitely a lot happier in my skin since discovering Ilcsi (il-she).


    Discover the beauty of Ilcsi Skincare and book one of our bespoke facials today. Helen xx

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