How Can I Prevent Ingrown Hairs on my Bikini Line?

    The main cause of ingrown hairs are tight restrictive clothing, lack of exfoliation & lace underwear. As the hairs start to appear the can catch in the lace and aggravate the skin. To help prevent this wear natural cotton fabrics when the hair is starting to return. We also recommend using an specialist exfoliator on this area.



    How will I ensure I get the best out of my spray tan

    I love my clients leaving the salon with a tan that looks natural. Here’s how to prepare for your visit; exfoliate the night before and shave legs at least 24 hrs advance, if not your skin is too smooth on the legs and the tan will not stick. Wear loose clothing afterwards.



    I have sensitive skin what should I use

    First I recommend to find your triggers , are you sensitive to heat, touch, light or product, then get a detailed skin analysis and we will discuss the best treatment.





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