Get a flawless Natural Tan every time

    Natural Looking Tan

    I strive to deliver the most natural looking tan. Your friends should ask, 'Where have you been?' not 'What tan are you using?'.

    On a recent holiday myself to Madrid, several people were surprised when I spoke, they weren't expecting an Irish accent!

    Vani-t ~Tan delivers the most natural tan with the Purest Organic Natural Ingredients.

    Bride & Bridesmaids

    The most important tan of your life.

    At Elure we understand the importance of your wedding day. Close up photos means that we guarantee no wrist marks, over-tanned knuckles or dodgy ankles. The Rapid tan is a favourite of mine as it only needs to be worn 90 mins before rinsing.



    Full Body Tan - €30.00

    Half Body ( upper or lower half ) - €20.00


  • Vani-t Organic Tan

    The Ultimate Tanning Experience 

    Organic, Cruelty free, Vegan

    Vani-t Illunin8 15% DHA

    The perfect Photo finish

    Luxury at its finest. 8 Decadent oils enrich your skin and hydrate. This has HD light reflective particles that provide a photo finish and blur skin imperfections.

    Vani-t Avtivate 15% DHA

    For the Active Lifestyle

    This is a quick Drying, firming and sweat proof Tan. Specially formulated for an active lifestyle with 15% DHA can deliver and beautiful dark tan

    Caffeine and Guarana aid blood flow to the skin to firm, tone and amplify your training results.

    Vani-t Velocity 13.5 % DHA

    The All rounder Rapid Tan

    Our fastest, most advanced formula utilizing quad bronzing technology and a transdermal delivery system for the ultimate tanning experience.


    Vani-t Liquid Sun 10% DHA

    The Orignal 8 Hr Tan

    A favourite of leading celebrities, LiquidSun® provides a deep, honey-dipped glow rich in anti-oxidants, botanical extracts and precious oils of argan, macadamia and coconut.

    This tan has cell rejuvination & anti-age fighting properties. It is the only tan with a Honey base


    Our Tan Room

    Tan in the ultimate comfort

    Our Tan room is fully extracted to illimate over spray in the room. It is heated to ensure the most comfortable experience with drying after the application.