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Skincare Tips

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Skincare – My Tips

Hi All,

A skincare routine can be easy to follow and affordable too. There are a million and one beauty products and it can be hard to choose which one suits. You may find out what doesn’t work for your skin quicker than what does.

At Elure Organic Beauty Salon based in Galway City, I take an honest approach to skincare. Before I started my natural skincare journey, my bathroom shelves resembled a shelf at Boots. I learned to choose products that worked for my skin and cut down on the amount of plastic in my bathroom too (all our ILcsi ORGANIC skincare is refillable in the salon). These products are easily absorbed and work in harmony with our skin.

Here are my tips to keep your skin healthy and looking bright:

Forget about quick fixes or the miracle product. The best routine is to choose from those products that suit your skin and apply a daily moisturiser with SPF & a bi-weekly exfoliation.Protect your skin especially in winter from the harsh winds and cold conditions experienced here on the west coast. When swimming our out walking a layer or emollient will protect the skin from icy gusts or Chlorine. a little conditioner will protect the hair from the chlorine also and stop it drying out.


If you don’t exfoliate basically any product you use is just rubbing dead skin into your pores causing congestion and dullness, which is a waste of product and money. The dead skin needs to be removed to help your skin renew quicker and for product absorption. Make-up will glide on exfoliated skin and help your skin to glow.

Moisturise – nothing can survive without water. Moisturising and drinking water really helps with aging, fine lines & congestion, and helps balance hormones each month for us ladies.

Clean – Always remove make-up, especially around the delicate eye area and use an eye cream sparingly. Always apply to the eye socket bone that way your eye will take what it needs and your cheeks can take the excess. I would avoid using wipes to cleanse unless you are going to tone after. Wipes leave a residue on the skin. Imagine your hand wash basin after a few uses you will see the build up of soap scum on the edges it will need to be cleaned and rinsed. Wipes act similarly. They can be drying and scratch the skin surface. It is essential to tone after using wipes. I would choose rose water, which is a good all round toner. Or residue from wipes will lead to dehydration and can cause sensitivity. Plus wipes are detrimental to the environment. Elure salon is by the harbour in Galway on the New Dock Road and we want to keep the sea pollution free.

PILLOW – Change your pillow regularly (every week) pillows harbour bacteria, if you are trying to get rid of a breakout it’s no good going back to a pillow that contains the bacteria. Also, SILK or SATIN pillows help with fine lines as the skin is not held in position and can move & glide easily.

CLOSE THE CAR WINDOW. Yes - the amount of chemicals, toxins, fumes & Free radicals that are surrounding you especially in traffic are damaging to your skin, did you ever wipe your face after walking around London for the day you would be surprised at the colour of the cloth. Air pollution is detrimental to our skin, always cleanse after a busy day in the city.

FREE Radicals – Usually things that are FREE are good news, not these guys. To put it simply they need to feed off your healthy skin, this can cause damage to your skin’s DNA and ACCELERATE the aging process. Once a skin cell has been damaged, they will want to feed off your own healthy skin cells causing a domino effect. Anti-oxidants prevent this. They can be found in green tea, grape seed extract Vit C and E and also in fresh fruit and veggies will work from the inside out.

SPF – Wear an SPF in winter and summer, it’s the sun’s rays that cause the damage not necessarily the heat. If you are using sunbeds, I suggest that you cover your face & don’t expose it to the harmful rays. We don’t recommend the use of sunbeds.

AVOID – Smoking, it kills off much needed oxygen and dulls the skin and leads to congestion. If you must consume alcohol (most of us like a tipple as party season approaches) rotate some alcoholic drinks with water, it will also help the blood vessels in your head which when dilated can cause headaches.

Product Recommendations

Exfoliator - Ilcsi Sulphuric exfoliating mask (no grains applied and rubbed off)

Cleanser - Ilcsi Rose and Apple cleanser suits most types. For oily skin use a facial wash mineral cleansing concentrate works well for oily

SPF Moisturiser – OLOS face regeneration Daily fluid works brilliantly and is absorbed easily.

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