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Tips for Tanning

How to prepare & make it last

Applying a false tan isn't easy . I always say to my clients that we are supposed to be imitating a real tan. You should have no tell tale signs like unsightly knuckles or orange soles. I love to hear clients coming back from an occasion and telling me people were asking them where they had been on holidays. That is what I aim for in my salon. I carry different shades and the Vani-t Velocity (rapid) is my favorite. Its can be rinsed off after 2 hrs and lasts up to a week. All Vani-t professional range is 100% organic & natural with no Orange tones. We also stock a bridal tan which gives a perfect glow against a wedding gown.

Read on for my best tips:


Exfoliate the night before. The best way is with a bath to soften the skin. The puff ball loofa is not really sufficient. Use a body scrub or a body brush works best. If you have neither of these, wash the skin and dry with a rough towel this will rub off the dead skin. This is also a very good way to get rid of old tan on the skin.


Apply loads of body moisturiser the night before. Avoid Bio oil or any other oil as this could create a barrier if you applying tan early in the morning.

It’s essential to do this the night before and not the morning of tan application. This is because the moisturiser fills the pores and basically blocks the tan from being absorbed.

Hair Removal

The best hair removal before a tan is waxing as this also exfoliates the area. Waxing must be done 1 to 2 days in advance. If you must shave do this the night before the tan. DO NOT SHAVE just before a tan, this creates a really smooth surface on the legs and the tan will just roll off. It will not be absorbed.

To get the best

The best way to prolong a tan is to keep the skin moisturised. Once showered pat yourself dry, do not rub. After a few days try a moisturiser that contains a small bit of tan. This gradually builds up the colour as your tan fades. Vani-t Bronzing custard is amazing, a must for your holiday. My legs were still perfectly tanned at the end of my week in Madrid.


Deodorant will turn the tan green as will perfume this does not affect the final colour but if you are heading somewhere after application you may want to keep this in mind.

After Application

Yes everyone knows to wear loose clothing but it doesn’t always happen. You will not get a perfect tan on your legs if you put on tights or leggings after application. The clothing will absorb some tan. Wear a strapless bra or none after and do not put your handbag on your shoulder as this can leave a mark. WASH your hand a few hours after applying your tan. The skin on the back of your hands is 50% drier than the rest of your skin therefore is absorbs the tan quicker. By washing off the excess you will avoid the dreaded orange knuckles.

Happy Tanning

Helen x