• Massage Therapy

    At Elure we use infrared heat lamps which deliver infrared energy into cells and tissues. This enhances the massage effect by warming muscle tissues, thus increasing blood circulation and oxygen, and increases the effects of your bespoke massage. The massage helps rid the muscle of the build up of lactic acid which causes pain and discomfort.

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  • Back Massage €45.00 30 min

    Aromatherapy Massage with warm herbal dumplings to drain waste and infrared heat to relieve tension. focusing on areas that need the most work suitable to clients needs.

    Indian Head Massage €45.00 30min

    A wonderful massage the relieves tension in shoulders, sinus and head. a combination of movements and oils bespoke to each client. Excellent for insomnia, stress, tension from sitting at a desk.

    Back & Back of Legs Massage €60.00 45 min

    A massage to truly relax, relieve tension, boost circulation and help tired legs an feet