• Waxing for Women


    Lycon Wax is the Ultimate Luxury Waxing System

    I discovered this wax on my travels in Australia many years ago and immediately understood why this is a celebrity favourite. I never had such a pain free and comfortable wax. The use of aromatherapy oils prevent the wax from sticking to skin so no sensation is felt from anything being torn from the skin and no stickiness.


    Lycon Wax uses unique shrink wrap technology which grips the hair instead of sticking to it. This ensures the hair is individually gripped and it removes each hair from the root.


    Lycon Wax gives a superior silky long lasting finish with no stickiness.

    50% less painful than other waxes.



  • A gentle wax with superior results


    Lycon Specialised Waxing for Women

    Hollywood (totally bare) - €50.00

    Brazilian (landing strip) - €47.00

    Maintenance Return (within 5 Weeks ) €40.00

    Californian (extended) - €30.00

    Regular Bikini (edges) - €20.00

    Full leg & Brazilian or Hollywood - €80.00

    Maintenance Full Leg & Brazilian or Hollywood (6 week return ) - €70.00

    Full leg & Californian - €55.00

    Full leg Regular Bikini - €45.00

    Full Leg - €40.00

    Half leg lower - €20.00

    Half Leg Thigh - €22.00 ( Mix of Cool and hot Wax )

    Underarm - €17.00

    Half arm - €20.00

    Full arm - €35.00

    Full arm & under Arm - €45.00

    Lower Back - €10.00

    Facial Waxing

    Upper Lip - €12.00

    Upper Lip & Chin - €18.00

    Brow Shape - €12.00

    Sides of face - €15.00

    Full Face - €35.00



    Nirvana Spa Waxing

    I use a variety of waxes to ensure the most comfortble wax experience EVER.



    Email elure@ymail.com for price information if your transitioning or have any general questions. Helen


    Pre Waxing

    Do not Shave or Trim the hair, wait at least 2 weeks from shaving for a leg wax.


    After care

    It is advisable not to wear tight clothing after waxing, go swimming or have a very hot shower. In summer be careful in the sun as there is no dead skin to protect your skin, so you will burn easily.