• Lycon Specialised Wax

    Male Waxing Specialist

    Lycon Male Waxing

    Over 15 yrs experience

    I use a variety of different Lycon wax specifically designed for the stronger male hair. Different wax is used for specific areas. This ensures the most comfortable experience and give the smoothest results with no breakages.

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    Our Speciality

    The Manzilian.

    Hair totally removed from the pubic area, scrotum and between the cheeks. I trained as a Male Specialist Waxing in Australia and have over 15 years experience. This wax gives a superior silky finish with a soft regrowth and no itchy stubble. I use the NO. 1 Luxury brand Lycon Wax, the most gentle wax on the market. The regrowth gets lighter with frequent waxing.

    Pricelist for Men

    The Manzilian (totally bare) - €75

    manzilian Maintenance - €60

    Cyclist Wax - €60.00

    Hair removed from scrotum & between cheeks

    6 week cyclist Maintenance €50.00

    Buttocks - €30.00 Add on to above €15.00

    Buttocks and Between - €45.00

    Full Leg - €40.00

    Full leg & Buttocks €55.00

    Full Leg, Buttocks & Back €90.00

    Full Leg & Manzilian

    Half Leg Lower - €20.00

    Half Leg Upper - €25.00

    Back inc. shoulders from €45.00

    Back & Buttocks €55.00

    Back, Buttocks and between cheeks €80.00

    Chest & abdomen from - €40.00 - €60.00

    Chest Hot Wax - From €60.00

    Abdomen - €25.00

    Shoulders - €18.00

    Underarm - €20.00

    Full arm - €40.00

    Full arm & Underarm - €45.00

    Half Arm €18.00

    Eyebrow - €12.00

    Nasal - €15.00

    Ear - €12.00

    Nose, Ear, Brow €30.00

    Feet & Toes - €20.00

    Top of cheeks above beard - €15.00


    1 Time Full Body Wax €240

    Full Body Wax Mainenance (waxed in the last 2 months ) - €190

    Everything from the neck down.


    DO NOT Trim Before a Wax.

    Email elure@ymail.com for price information for gender neutral, if your transitioning or have any general questions. Helen







  • Lycon Wax for Men

    Why I choose Lycon Wax

    Lycon Wax is the Ultimate Luxury Waxing System.


    I discovered this wax on my travels in Australia many years ago and immediately understood why this is a celebrity favourite. I never had such a pain free and comfortable wax. The use of aromatherapy oils prevent the wax from sticking to skin so no sensation is felt from anything being torn from the skin.


    Lycon Wax uses unique shrink wrap technology which grips the hair instead of sticking to it. This ensures the hair is individually gripped and it removes each hair from the root.


    Lycon Wax gives a superior silky long lasting finish with no stickiness.

    50% less painful than other waxes.


    24hr Patch test required for waxing.