• Beauty is Nature

    OLOS Skincare

    Natural, Sustainable, Effective

    Nature is full of mysteries, but OLOS products are not. We work with the Earth to produce clean, safe formulas that ensure the highest performance from each ingredient while keeping our environmental impact low.

    The Greek word OLOS represents the union between human beings and nature. Driven by a constant commitment to research, our laboratories produce formulas that are rich in natural, sustainable ingredients so that we can achieve authentic beauty together.

    Relax on our super soft heated bed and be carried to a state of total relaxation while your skin is treated with the finest of natural ingredients.

  • Glycolic Peels 1hr

    Suspended due to Rebranding of Product


    A glycolic Peel is the ultimate facial with amazing visible results. It eliminates dead cells, moisturises and renews the skin. Excellent for mature skin, fine lines & wrinkles, impure skin, pigmentation & sun Damage, acne, enlarged pores or dry skin. This facial stimulates cell turnover and minimises imperfections. Sholder and scalp massage included.

    1 Peel €75

    Course of 3 €195

    Course of 6 €390


    Suspended due to rebranding of product


    Hydrasence Facial - €65 1hr


    This amazing facial reactivates the epidermal hydration mechanisms. Rich in Algae and Hydranoex this facial nourishes, improves elasticity and strengthens the intracellular lipid matrix. Skin deeply moisturised, quenched and energised. 15 min facial, shoulder & neck massage included

    Age Positive - €65 1hr

    Suspended due to rebranding of product

    The first line by OLOS that positively modulates the skin’s chronological aging process with two actions: repairing the signs of aging and protecting from external aggressions. This beautiful facial also includes a 15 min shoulder, face & scalp Massage

    Our Signature Facial - €90.00 1hr 20

    Skin is cleansed & exfoliated followed by a 20 min Shea butter Shoulder & Scalp massage that just eases all tension. Skin is then treated to a decrustination & exfoliation followed by application of marine based Algae gels delivered by galvanic current. Excellent for deep level hydration and fine lines especially around the eyes. The facial ends in a warm multivitamin mask that repairs & feeds your skin. A truly Holistic & nourishing treatment.