Pre & Post Waxing Advice


    • Don't trim the hair, Longer hair is softer and easier to remove
    • Don't wear clothing that too restrictive
    • Don't apply any body oils or body butters to the skin before treatment.
    • Try to avoid wearing skinny jeans a week or 2 weeks before leg waxing. the skinny Jeans are trapping the long hair in the fibers and cutting them off at the skins surface hence why you will have long hair then a real short one beside it. 
    • Shower in the morning of your appointment. 


    • Refrain from wearing lace underwear when the hair is growing back on the bikini line, the hair can get caught in the lace causing friction and ingrown hairs and general irritation. 
    • Avoid hot showers or Baths for 24 hrs
    • Do not sun bathe or use sunbeds for 48 hrs
    • Avoid swimming in the sea for 24hrs. Bacteria levels may be high in the sea and also the salt can irritate the skin.
    • Don't shave between Waxes. the hair is removed at the root so a soft hair will grow back making the 2nd wax quick and much easier to remove. 
    • Avoid fake tan for 24hrs
    • Use Ingrown hair treatment of you a susceptible to ingrown hairs like Lycon X-it Spray.